Club Vice President

Ms. Thao Nguyen

Nguyen Phuong Thao is currently the senior assistant responsible for finance and investment, overseeing the Portfolio Management to the Vice President of the TTC Group. TTC group is a 43-year corporation with multi-sectors including tourism, energy, sugar cane, agricultural products, real estate and education which has more than 120 member companies.

Thao has also been appointed the CEO – DHA Investments Group (DHAI) – one of the Group’s member companies, focusing on investment and support of building and developing local startups, technology and innovation platforms, creating support for the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association (VYEA), and as an ambassador for the startup ecosystem and corporate arena.

Ms. Thao has built and developed 2 successful technology startups in Vietnam and the APAC region, specializing in the field of digital transformation platforms, digitalization and automation of internal processes & digital workplaces for organizations, which won the region’s top award at the SME100.

With 18 years of experience in business management and managing technology & digital transformation projects in the FSI industry (banking, insurance, securities, financial services and manufacturing), she has also held senior positions consisting of Branch Director, Business Support Director, Bank Strategy and Planning Advisor.


Roles and titles recently

  • Vice President – Technology and Digital Transformation Vietnam – Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association (VYEA)
  • Board of Advisors – Girls In Tech
  • CEO – DHA Investments Group (DHAI), TTC Group
  • President, Founder – Xtechs
  • Director of Investment and Portfolio Management – DHAI, TTC Group
  • Senior Advisor, Portfolio Management to Vice President – TTC Group
  • Specialist – Thanh Thanh Cong Industrial Zone JSC, TTC Group
  • Vietnam Country Manager – Xspera UK
  • Head of Planning and Strategic – VIB Bank
  • Branch Director – VIB Bank, Abbank
  • Head of Sales Support; Head of Change Management – VIB Bank